How to Connect Xbox One to Laptop /PC

How to Connect Xbox One to Laptop-PC

How Your new Xbox One has arrived, have you received it? You are currently in need of guidance. How to connect  Xbox One to laptop/PC? Enjoy yourselves! For your convenience, I’ll explain it in full so you can enjoy your favorite game on the big screen. Xbox One, the most popular gaming console, is usually … Read more

How to Measure Laptop Size

how to measure laptop size

How to Measure Laptop Size? [Extremely Simple Steps]   Laptops are available in a variety of sizes and form factors, including 11-inch, 13-inch, and 17-inch. Users might choose something that fits. If you’re a writer, a college student, a journalist, a doctor, or a businessperson, for example, you could choose small and compact computers. Professional … Read more

How To Use Laptop As Monitor for PS4?

How To Use Laptop Screen As A Monitor for PS4

Hey! welcome to Laptops Discovery, Here we shall briefly guide you that How To Use Laptop As Monitor for PS4 with the help of our most experienced experts. Let’s have a attentive look below The PlayStation 4 is a highly popular gaming system, and a massive screen TV is the optimal display among most gamers … Read more

Dual Core Vs Quad Core

dual core vs quad core

While buying a new laptop, you will first think about the processor because it is the most important part of your computer. However, you want to make their processor powerful and make your laptop have long battery life, better speed, graphics, software, and ultimate ideas to increase the cores. During these times, most of the … Read more