How to Charge Laptop Manually

Ahh, I guess you are in the same boat as I was a month ago when my laptop battery died and I realized I was running out of time to complete the work. After a great deal of searching, I discovered the solution.

In this article, I’ll go over in detail how to charge laptop battery manually in the hopes of resolving the issue at hand.

Before we begin to solve the problem, we should consider how and why it arose in the first place.

What causes your laptop’s battery to malfunction?

Overcharging is the most common cause of laptop damage. For example, if the laptop’s battery is between 70 and 90 percent charged, it is best to turn off the charger.

When the laptop is subjected to continuous discharging, it may shorten the battery’s useful life cycle in some circumstances.

After some time, the chemicals in the battery begin to react irreversibly with one another, and the battery begins to degrade. For this reason, most companies recommend that you replace your battery after a certain amount of time.

The use of an incorrect or damaged adaptor can also result in a reduction in the battery’s lifecycle.

Effective ways to charge laptop without charger | how to charge a dead laptop without a charger

Some laptops have fixed batteries, which means that they will be unable to charge if they are not connected to a power source. If, on the other hand, your laptop does not have a built-in battery, the information provided here will be extremely useful.

1. Charging Laptop with an alternating current adaptor

Charging Laptop with an alternating current adaptor
Charging Laptop with an alternating current adaptor

If you have an A.C adaptor, it is recommended that you check it to see if it is compatible with your laptop model before connecting it to your laptop charger and checking if the led light on the adaptor turns on. After that, your laptop will begin to charge after a short while.

If there isn’t an adaptor port available, you can connect it using an external connector.

2. Charging Laptop with power bank

Charging Laptop with power bank
Charging Laptop with power bank

A universal power adaptor is easily available in any online or physical store. With help of it, you can easily charge your laptop without worrying about the voltage shock.

As we experienced in traveling abroad the voltage difference mostly damage the battery. It is still not a good choice to use it every time for charging but it is an affordable way to charge a laptop manually.

However, caution should be exercised when employing these adapters, as the fact that they are universal does not imply that they can be used to charge any type of battery; in fact, their use can sometimes cause damage to the battery.

 As a result, you should make certain that the universal adapter that you intend to use is either compatible with or incompatible with your battery. Additionally, you must read customer reviews about the type of adapter that you intend to use and always make an informed decision to avoid any technical difficulties.

3. Charging Laptop with USB _C

Charging Laptop with USB _C
Charging Laptop with USB _C

The most convenient way to charge a laptop without Charger is to connect it with a  USB c cable. Charge your laptop by connecting one end of the USB-C cable to an electrical outlet and the other end to your laptop.

This USB-C cable, on the other hand, is only compatible with laptops that have assembled USB-C ports. Many older models lack a USB-C port, which is a welcome addition. Meanwhile, USB-C connectors are becoming increasingly popular, and you will find this feature on the majority of new laptops these days.

4. Charging with super battery

Charging with super battery
Charging with super battery

In this advanced world, we have super batteries which can last for about 8 hours. Place your super battery instead of the old battery and connect it with its original charger.

Using an external charger, you can continue to work on your PC while the original battery continues to charge in the background.

5. Charging with solar kit

Charging with solar kit
Charging with solar kit

Solar charging kit works with the help of light energy voltaic cells to convert the energy from the sun’s rays into electrical energy for use. With a solar portable kit, you can charge your laptop in the most modern way possible. This kit is suitable for charging any type of laptop.

The problem is that it cannot be connected directly to the laptop; instead, we must first charge a universal power device, and then we can charge our laptop.

A single solar panel can charge two to three devices with a single charge.

6. Charging with External Battery charger

Charging with External Battery charger
Charging with External Battery charger

External battery chargers are available in a variety of configurations on the market. You can purchase an external battery for your laptop model, which is also a convenient way to manually charge your laptop. You must first remove the battery from the laptop and then connect it to an external charger. After the battery has been charged, you must reinstall the battery in the laptop.

7. Charging with Travel adaptor

Charging with Travel adaptor
Charging with Travel adaptor

Travel adaptors are designed to work with every voltage you can check your laptop and look for a suitable travel adaptor. A portable travel adaptor can help you to charge devices without chargers in different voltages.

In today’s world, most devices are capable of operating in multi- or dual-voltage configurations. You can also try some of the other options listed if you’re still unlucky.

If you are unable to manage all of these tasks, don’t worry, you can charge your laptop with the help of a car battery, which is a simple process. Make use of a power inverter. In a range of 300wh this, not a great solution but still you will be able to charge your laptop.

9. Make arrangements for a new battery

While none of these solutions are intended for long-term use, if they are not used properly, they may cause damage to your laptop’s battery life. If you want to make a significant financial investment, consider purchasing a new laptop along with a good charger to prevent your laptop from suffering further damage.

Is it safe to Charge a laptop without  Charger?

The usage of multiple charging methods for your laptop battery could be hazardous to your laptop’s battery if you don’t know what you’re doing. You must ensure that the voltage and power are in accordance with the specifications of your laptop charger.

In all cases, using the official charger or an approved replacement is the most efficient method of charging your laptop.

How to Take care of Laptop Battery

To get the most out of your laptop, you should always keep it charged between 30 percent and 70 percent of its capacity while using it. It is the most common mistake that people make that causes them to completely drain their battery before charging it. This reduces the battery’s lifecycle and increases the risk of damage. It is not recommended. Most new-generation lithium batteries perform admirably over a long period of time and at full charge cycles, so maintaining a charge above 30% can be an excellent choice.


Heat can shorten the life of your battery and increase the risk of a battery fire (in extreme cases). You should never attempt to overcharge your laptop battery, especially if you have a more ancient laptop model.

When the power supply reaches 100 percent, the majority of newer models automatically shut down the device. As a result, even though leaving the charger plugged in will not harm the battery, there is no benefit to doing so.


Laptops are not intended to withstand extreme temperatures or ultraviolet rays. But working with laptops in direct sunlight on an outdoor terrace or in a park is considered to be a fashionable pastime by some.

Never open or use your device while it is exposed to direct sunlight. Even a couple of hours in direct sunlight can cause significant damage to your laptop and its accessories—particularly the screen. In spite of the fact that many companies are now marketing glare-free screens, it is still not recommended to leave them exposed to direct sunlight.

Final thoughts

If you want to prevent things where your laptop is not functioning properly, you should monitor the performance of your laptop on a regular basis. Drivers and software can also have an impact on the health of your battery. To ensure that your laptop lasts as long as possible, make sure to follow the safety precautions.

However, if you find yourself in this situation, you should follow any of the options, How to charge laptop manually so that it can begin to function.

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