How to connect AirPods to Dell laptop- Complete Guide

As technology advances, mobile phone and laptop manufacturing corporations are eager to introduce the latest accessories in the market daily.

But you can’t take advantage of your electronic devices until you use the latest gadgets with them.

Whether young or older, AirPods drew everyone’s attention in recent years.

If you use an AirPod with your iPad, apple phone, tablet, or any smartphone, you can enjoy it more than any earbud.

AirPods have been the most popular accessory since their first day. They are highly in demand. They are wireless audio devices and are rapidly set with mobile phones, making them more beneficial.

They are manufactured with cell phones, but you can use them with laptops. Similarly, you want to know How to connect AirPods to a Dell laptop?

You have to follow a few techniques to connect Airpods to your laptop. Here we will tell you a simple procedure to pair or connect your laptop or desktop PC with an Airpods.

Let’s get started.

How to pair your laptop to a Bluetooth device?

Bluetooth is a very beneficial technology used in keyboards, mic, and other electronic devices. It is a common feature in laptops, but you hardly find it in desktop computers unless they are top-rated models.

Luckily it is simple to check whether your laptop has Bluetooth or not. If your computer has a Bluetooth receiver inside, you can connect any other Bluetooth device with it.

You can find the answer by activating the Bluetooth function on a mobile device. In screen devices, click Bluetooth in the settings menu.

Now see for the device to appear in the Bluetooth and other devices list. When it occurs, select it to connect to the laptop. It demands a code from you to confirm the pair.

You will enter the number on both devices.

Now you can see the device name in the list of paired devices on your laptop. Use it to connect a wireless keyboard, mouse, or any other audio device to your computer.

AirPods are Bluetooth devices. Here we are giving some easy steps to check whether your laptop is equipped with Bluetooth or not.

Where is Bluetooth on my Laptop?

Sometimes, users are not aware of whether their device has Bluetooth or not. We will tell you how to check whether your laptop has Bluetooth or not.

Bluetooth’s purpose is to connect your device with other devices without any cables. Experts recommend different ways to check where Bluetooth in your laptop is:

Option 1:

1) Open settings from the search bar.

2) Select devices.

3) You can select Bluetooth if your laptop. is equipped with Bluetooth.

Option 2:

The second way to check whether your device has Bluetooth or not is to search it in the control panel. You can check quickly by following these steps.

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Open Network and sharing center.
  3. Hit change adapter settings.
  4. If your laptop has Bluetooth, it will show.

If not visible, your laptop or desktop PC doesn’t have Bluetooth.

Option 3.

Third and last option to search for Bluetooth is from the device manager. You can check for Bluetooth by just following the steps.

1) First of all, press the Windows + X key from your keyboard to open the device manager. You can also check by typing Device Manager in the search bar.

2) Select device manager

3) A window will be open. Check if it has a Bluetooth Radios option or not.

4) If not, click the network adapter here. Bluetooth Radios will be listed here.

5) If still, you cannot see the Bluetooth Radios option, your laptop is without a Bluetooth option.

Access the settings menu:

The first step is to put AirPods into pairing mode. Then make sure that they are fully charged. Now put them into the case and hold a small button on the back. After some time, the white light on the backside will start blinking.

Open settings option from the start menu. Suppose you cannot find that icon above the power button that is an icon on the desktop, available system preferences.

The shortcut to open settings is the windows key from your keyboard +1. Click it to see the main menu. Then select the device from settings. Pair the two devices.

If you pair AirPods with an iPhone or any Apple device, it takes only three seconds. Pairing an AirPod with a laptop needs some time. However, it doesn’t take more than a minute.

You must have a laptop with built-in Bluetooth if you want to pair an AirPod with it. Otherwise, add a Bluetooth dongle to run AirPod on your computer.

You have to open devices from the settings menu. You will see an option “Bluetooth & other devices.” Click it to ensure that the toggle switch for Bluetooth is turned on.

Now wait for AirPods to show up on the laptop, then click the connect option. If AirPods are still not showing, repeat the whole process.

How can you avoid AirPods from automatically connecting to other devices?

In 2020, Apple updated AirPods with a new feature, enabling them to shift between your laptop and iPhone.

It is an excellent feature, but it may be frustrating sometimes. Suppose you enjoy audio on your iPhone, but you want to listen to it on your laptop. AirPods will shift to the computer.

But there is another case. Let you listen to something on your laptop. Then someone takes your iPhone and starts listening to something else. Your AirPods will shift to the iPhone automatically.

The only solution to this is to stop your AirPods from automatically shifting. It is a short procedure:

  1. Open settings from the search bar
  2. Click on Bluetooth
  3. Click the small “i” in the list.
  4. Click connect to this device
  5. Select ” when last connected to this device” instead of automatically.

Problems in connecting with AirPods:

If your AirPods are not working correctly, it may be a problem with Bluetooth. Here are some common issues and their solution:

1) Bluetooth didn’t enable

Make sure that Bluetooth must be enabled. Repeat the complete procedure you did to connect the AirPod with your laptop.

2) Out of date driver

You can face problems if your Bluetooth driver is out of date. Update your driver to solve the issue.

3) Airpods not in pairing

You can’t connect the AirPod to your device until the white light on the backside of the AirPod is not blinking. Once make sure that it is blinking, and then try again.

4) AirPods not working properly

Another common problem is the improper working of AirPods.If you have this issue, repair your AirPods or replace them.

Final Words:

As technology reaches advanced levels, new inventions are coming into the market daily. You can use them for your ease of life.

Earphones are also one Of them. They help you enjoy your favorite audios, songs, and movies with complete privacy. But sometimes, they create problems because they are wired devices.

Now Apple has presented the solution by introducing the AirPods. They are wireless audio devices specially designed for Apple products.

They can work with every smartphone, iPhone, or any other device with a Bluetooth option.

You can also connect them with your Dell laptop. But it is necessary to make sure that your laptop has a Bluetooth option available. Otherwise, you can not use AirPods on your computer or desktop PC.

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