How to connect Lightning Headphones to laptops – Complete Guide

Do you think how our life will be if we remove dramas, movies, and songs? Colorless, dull, and pale. We need quality sound devices to enjoy any video or audio item. The wireless audio devices were introduced in the market for your ease, but wired headphones are still prominent.

On your way to the office or home, during exercise or daily chores, you can enjoy quality audio without any distraction. Of course, if you have a modern accessory in your hands.

Although Apple has launched Bluetooth audio devices, wired headphones are still an essential accessory for every generation. Lightning headphones are one of the best products of Apple, but they don’t always work with devices of other brands.

The lightning headset is wired earphones that enable you to connect directly to the bottom edge of your Apple device or smartphone. Unfortunately, some people still fail to understand the importance of lightning headphones. They waste their cash buying cheap audio devices.

In these lines, we are going to explain how to connect iPhone headphones to the laptop.

Let’s dive in.

Use an adapter:

The adapter is extra hardware that acts as a joint between lightning headphones and laptops. Two USB adapters are here to attach your lightning headphones to the computer.

They are USB A port and USB C port adapters. Both can be operated without any additional software installation. Although most laptops come with USB C ports, USB A port laptops are still used.

Buying a USB port adapter can be challenging for you compared to a USB C port adapter. If you can’t find it, then there is a solution. You can use a USB C adapter and then add a USB C

(female) to a USB(male) adapter.

USB C-type adapters are easy to find. C-type ports were invented to attach with devices with C-type ports in the market before the invention of lightning headphones.

But some laptops like Dell XPS 13, Razer Blade Stealth, and Lenovo Yoga C940 have built-in USB C ports. It makes it possible to use lightning headphones on your laptop without an adapter. Although utilizing an adapter solves the issue but comes with some problems. Like sometimes, laptops don’t support adapters. Also, adapters come in different shapes and sizes. Make sure that your computer must support the adapter you buy.

How do you choose a suitable adapter?

With adapters, your lightning headphones can work with many devices. You see a variety of adapters in both online and offline shops. So it is difficult to decide which one is the most suitable for you? Sometimes it can be a problem

for you.

Many adapters are manufactured only for charging and not to connect lightning headphones. Sometimes adapters are used only for charging purposes.

Therefore before buying, You should be clear that they can transfer the audio from a laptop to lightning headphones in a good way.

If you want to connect lightning headphones to a laptop, your adapter should have the following properties :

  1. The USB port must be male, which you will join to your laptop, sport.
  2. The lighting connector must be female to attach to the lightning headphone.

Apple’s lightning adapters are pretty expensive like their other products. Some other companies have introduced adapters that are popular for their low cast. But it would help if you still were careful about this accessory because it is difficult to find a suitable adapter for you.

Why is it challenging to connect lightning headphones to laptops?

Initially, in 2012, Apple launched the lightning port in iPhone 5 for charging purposes. But in 2016, Apple converted the 3.5 mm jack into a USB connector port when they found the iPhone 7, although it was beneficial. Why is it still a big issue to connect Apple headphones to PC adapters and laptops?

The latest model iPhones are not coming with a 3.5 mm jack. It clarifies that electronic gadgets designed with older devices cannot run with the latest iPhones. Lightning adapters solve this problem.

You can join their one end to a 3.5 mm jack and another end to the lightning connector of your laptop or iPhone second major problem that makes it difficult for you to attach lightning headphones to your

laptops that you can not use directly except for some devices.

They are iPod touch of 5th, 6th, and 7th generation and all iPhones starting from iPhone 5.

Why choose lightning headphones?

To listen to your favorite music on a laptop or iPhone 7, you need a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. It is not an item to find anywhere, as we have already discussed. Then why should we choose them?

We are here to solve this issue. These can receive a 48kHz audio intake from any iPhone, smartphone, or laptop. On the other hand, they can drive 48kHz sound notes as output to your ears.

Lightning headphones feel good to listen to your favorite music. How? The reason behind this is that headphones with amplifiers and DAC (digital to analog converter) mean digital voice notes

will pass through headphones.

It cancels analog signal interferences. It helps to pass the best quality audio from your mobile phone.

Some best quality lighting headphones:

Apple’s lightning earphones are the best option when someone looks for lightning headphones. But when you think about quality and features, many headphones have been invented by other companies.

Here we are enlisting five best quality headphones before you:

JBL Reflect Aware Headphones:

JBL Reflect Aware earphones are one of the earliest lightning headphones. They are famous for their noise-canceling feature. They have a lightning connector, and you can attach them directly

to iOS devices.

drivers help you to enjoy better quality sound.

Audeze iSine 10:

They use fragile film to pass the air, which generates sound. Because this material has such low mass, it moves fast, giving a much better response. Their step response test always comes positive- like authentic sounds.

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear:

Headphones 1MORE is a brand famous for its sound products. According to the name, they are in-ear headphones. They include a high-quality DAC, which provides excellent and clear sound.

A 5-in-1 controller is provided, which helps you control voice, change tracks, and control volume.

Rinsmola Wireless Earbuds: 

They are available with a pocket-size USB C charging case and a 30H Playtime Headset.5.1 Bluetooth technology and 3D HD rendering combine to generate great quality sound.

The ability to get auto-pairing develops a strong connection. IP7 waterproof and internal hydrophobic coating makes it excellent for swimming, gym, and exercises.

Final words:

Lightning headphones are one of the most popular audio devices. But they are designed for iPhones of the latest models. So you can’t use them directly with old devices, especially laptops.

Most laptops don’t support a USB C port that lightning headphones have. You can’t attach lightning headphones to your laptop unless you use a USB C or USB A port adapter. But nowadays, some latest model laptops have USB C ports which make it possible for you to connect directly to laptops.

This article solves many issues about lightning headphones. We have presented the best ways to connect lightning headphones to laptops and older version iPhones.

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