How to find what battery my laptop has

Hello buddies, if you are searching for How to find what battery my laptop has, you are in the right place. Laptop manufacturers use serial codes, or some model numbers, which are usually written in numbers or letters tagged to the products for identification and inventory purposes so that in case if you have any issue regarding insurance claim or laptop advancement or repairing, you have not too worried about, how to find Dell laptop battery model number, or how to find Lenovo battery model number, whether what type of laptop you have you need to tell the laptop master to assist you in your desire work.

If you own a dell laptop and are a new user who does not know much about laptop usage, don’t feel shy. At the start, everyone faced issues, and if you are going through that phase of difficulty related to your laptop’s software, hardware, and battery. You might have some questions in your mind about how to find dell laptop hardware repairing or software installation, how to find Dell laptop battery model number, how to enhance graphics card etc. You can figure out its solution by knowing your laptop name and serial number and finding the best laptop repairing engineer.

Know about the details related to your laptop’s battery:

To check what kind of battery, what size of battery your laptop has, what model number is written on it, and if you are curious to know about the details related to your laptop’s battery, then this informative article is up to your expectation. Don’t you worry? We are here to assist you. How to find hp battery model number, find Lenovo laptop battery model number, and find Dell laptop battery model number.

If you have one of these questions, sit tight and have some bite read the article till the sight. By going through all details, you will feel confident finding out by yourself what your laptop battery details are. Most laptops use the same Li-ion battery due to its good efficiency and long-lasting and can be replaced with others, but in rare cases, some laptops have unique and different types, and these batteries are Ni-Cd and NiMH.  These are the following three easiest ways you need to know and mind so that at the end of this info, you will have the knowledge and know-how to find the accurate information of your laptop’s battery. Let’s start

3 Easiest way to find out what battery my laptop has

Approach no 1: Search on the underside of the laptop

The most straightforward approach is to search the battery model or model number of notebooks to see the backside of the laptop frame where the sticker display shows the detail. Once you know the laptop model number, you can search the battery model.  As an example given below, a tag shows details related to the laptop model and serial number.

 Search on the underside of the laptop

Approach no 2: Search model number by the laptop battery (Recommended)

The second approach is an easy and efficient one. Most batteries are located on the hinge side of the screen, which you need to plug out or separate the battery from its chamber is a perfect way so that no break of pins occur, once it open remove it and turn it to know about your laptop and the details of the model number of the battery and the model number of laptops written on its inner side of the battery or written inside the compartment.

Search model number by the laptop battery (Recommended)


Method no 3:  Search by Command Prompt

The third method is a little tricky but manageable. Just follow the procedure.

Write “cmd” in the search option of your windows main screen, then move to “command prompt,” Right-click on this  “Command Prompt” option, now click on an option run as administrator. Then follow these simple 1 to 5 steps.

Step1 and 2:

Write (C:\ WINDOWS \ system32>powercfg /battery report) and press enter


Step 3:

Next step: copy the white shaded part of the given data


Step 4:

Go to my computer and paste the copied line as shown below. Then press Enter key

Step 4- How to find what battery my laptop has

Step 5:

After hitting Enter key, you get the information related to the laptop battery and laptop model


As I read all the three most straightforward approaches discussed above, I hope you grasp and collect the necessary knowledge about finding the model number of laptop batteries and model number of laptops. In my opinion, the easiest and efficient method is approach number 2, in which you need to separate the battery part. If you have an option for a detachable battery from the laptop, you can find the model details on the inner side of the storm; otherwise, I recommend you go for a laptop repairing assistance repairer.

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