How to improve laptop battery life – Tricks & tips

Suppose your laptop sleeps earlier (battery drains fastly), then you must know some techniques to stop this process in order to improve your laptop battery life. Otherwise, your laptop might need a perfect new battery booster to work efficiently with high performance. You have to follow some essential tricks and tips to overcome the issue of low battery timing. My friends, this article is for you and those searching for how to increase battery performance and enforcement. Read the article thoroughly you will find out the hacks and methods which can solve your question that How to improve laptop battery life.

We’re willing to bet that the first thing you do when you get at a meeting, business conference, online working, or a virtual class is looking for an outlet to plug your laptop charger into. However, if a coworker or other visitor beats you to it, you may be concerned about the lifespan of your laptop. You’re doing it badly if it makes you anxious or makes you carry a battery backup on your shoulder. Even so, the unfortunate truth is that unless you pay attention to a few critical factors unless you pay attention to laptop power settings, the battery will not last long-lasting as told by the manufacturer claims for your laptops or Macs, also pay attention to background apps, and frequently check the temperature and device fan working correctly or not. The good news is that after you figure out which choices to alter, the rest is simple. To know what factors might improve the battery timing with just little steps, continue reading it. Making a few modest changes to how you use your laptop will keep you from reaching for the power cord as frequently, and your laptop battery will last much longer.

To help your laptop battery last longer, follow these suggestions.

Window mobility center

To save the battery and increase the consumption rate, we can follow these steps to increase the time of the laptop battery life.

  • Right-click on the battery icon given at the bottom line of the taskbar on your laptop or Mac screen.
  • Click the windows mobility center option.
  • New windows appear to choose the battery saver option from battery status.
  • Also, adjust the brightness of the screen to normal so that your eyes would not affect by its luminosity.

Update latest OS

Updating the laptop operating system sometimes improves the energy saving (battery life) features due to improvement in the programming that will automatically adjust the speed and brightness according to the required situation.

Maintain a comfortable temperature for your laptop

Heat is a problem for lithium-ion batteries. If the temperature of the device exceeds, 86 degrees Fahrenheit is considered high, which could cause it to deplete faster and reduces the performance. Some laptop brands recommend a temperature range for Mac laptops must be near 10 to 30 degrees. The ideal storage temperature ranges from (20 to 40 C).

Use Black background

When your desktop wallpaper is bright, the pixels on your display must light up more, which consumes more power. Follow these little steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Personalization
  • Background and choose a dark image or color.

Examine your system’s sleep and power options

Move into power and sleep settings by choosing from the battery menu from the taskbar

by following these steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Move on System
  • Choose Power & sleep option

When your laptop is running on battery power, you can cut the time it takes for the display to turn off or for it to enter sleep mode by following through with these. Your battery will last longer if you adjust these times to be shorter.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use

Usually, we let them on every time after the purposeful usage. Wireless networking methods use a lot of battery power. Using Airplane mode, you can disable both. In the taskbar menu, click on the Wi-Fi symbol, click on airplane mode, and move to Wi-Fi. Connect it if necessary for work. Also, turn off the Bluetooth by following these steps

  • Search for the settings option
  • Moves to Devices
  • Finally, go to Bluetooth & other devices and turn them off.

Keep your laptop unplugged as much as possible

Laptop users should not leave their laptops plugged in all the time. This may cause damage to the wire and adapter also and may cause an increase in electricity consumption. Those users who use laptops while their laptop charger wire plugged in discovered that laptops continually plugged in had a lower number of cycles. So, if you want to use the laptop once or multiple times, you may require to fully charge the laptop’s battery so that you can do your desire work without moving to plug in the wire. This is also safe for economical as well as for your laptop.

Disable non-essential peripherals and Apps

Laptop and Mac do not disappoint you, while some Apps run in the background for your reliability. Still, it reduces the battery life span, so to increase the battery’s efficiency, turn them off carefully after use. Also, because all ports utilize power, so if you are reaching the end of the laptop battery, then disconnect USB peripherals like your mouse or external hard drive. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whenever possible to ensure that they don’t disrupt your workflow or operating system (OS).

Proper air-flow fan performance

The heat of the laptop system generates by the ICs and components may reduce the quality performance of laptops. So, to overcome this, we could use the stand cooling air pads, which are external fans that could be used to reduce the heat and boost the processing speed.


After going through all details, we hope you understand How to improve laptop battery life and you will apply these tips and tricks ahead. Be a good person with little consciousness for your laptop battery health because if it is available, you can use the laptop wherever you need without changing batteries. In my opinion, we must charge the laptop once to use them multiple times. If you use laptops frequently, you can use sleep mode to save time and workload. Also, cooling fan pads must be used if you work in an office or at home. We are grateful to assist you.

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