How to keep your laptop from overheating-Tips and Guides

A laptop is an essential accessory for every individual. Whether you are a job person, a student, or love to play online games, it plays an important role in your life.

Sometimes when you use it for hours. You feel it’s tending hot, and then you rush to the repair shops because you guess my laptop is damaged but overheating is pretty common in these devices. Everybody wants to know that how to keep your laptop safe from overheating. We shall briefly describe here the tips with a complete guide.

Do you know the reasons why your laptop turns hot? Are you looking for the causes? Keep reading. If you don’t pay attention to the maintenance of your computer, it will impact its overall lifespan.

First, you have to know the reasons; there are several ways you can prevent your device from overheating. Let’s have a look.

Why does your laptop turn hot?

Do you wonder why your laptop gets hot? Don’t worry. We are here to rescue you again. A few reasons can cause your device to turn hot.

We are going to mention a few here.

One of the main reasons for your laptop getting hot is, its vent may be closed. Such dirt, hair, or dust can close your laptop vents. When there isn’t proper ventilation, the laptop gets hot.

It will help your laptop if you take care of its regular maintenance. Keep your computer in its comfortable position, so its airflow is not reduced.

Another reason it gets hot is when you use the laptop for hours. You can turn off your device for 20 to 30 minutes, wait for it to cool down. Shutting down for a few minutes can help it to cool down.

How to keep your laptop from overheating:

Suppose your device is old, no need to worry about the overheating issue. Due to hardware problems, it happens in aging gadgets. Unfortunately, if your device is hot due to aging, there is no way to fix it. However, for new machines overheating is not a serious problem. There are a few ways you can cool it down.

We are going to mention here the most effective ways. Let’s get into it.

Keep your laptop a comfortable place:

With advancements in technology, laptops have taken the place of desktop computers. Their long-life batteries and easy transportation have made them compulsory for any working environment.

But do you want to be more convenient with your laptop? Set your device in its comfortable position.

Never leave it on the carpet, bed, or pillow. It can block your laptop vent, damaging internal components by warm air. Keeping your laptop for a long time can damage its battery. Experts recommend charging it up to 80 percent and then unplugging it.

Use it now, and when the battery reaches 40 percent, again put it on charging. It enables you to sit for 1,200 to 2,000 cycles.

Now the next question is where to put the laptop in your home? You can put it anywhere you want. In the kitchen, on the computer table, or dining table.

Always hold it on a flat surface, away from the pouring range, any liquid, and food item.

Don’t block your laptop vents:

Have you ever thought about why laptops get overheated? It happens because laptops are as slim as possible by design.

The designers are not paying attention to putting better vents for ventilation. A better solution is to place the laptop in good air circulation.

Laptops suck air from the bottom and use it for the cooling process, which is done by air vents and thermal pipes.

They are used to pull heated air out from the laptop to the surroundings. It keeps your device cool and stops it from overheating.

Keep in mind that your device’s vents are not blocked. Sometimes you have to face this issue because of dirt or grime.

Putting a laptop on a soft surface like a bed, carpet, pillow, or in a lap can also be a reason behind it. Blocked air vents stop airflow into the laptop.

With additional attention, your laptop can last longer. So never use it roughly.

Keep your laptop clean:

Laptops get dirty for several reasons. Another reason behind this is constant touch when they are closed. Your fingertips can be a major problem if you are the owner of a touch screen laptop. It is a common problem in big-screen laptops.

So it is important to keep your laptop clean because a dirty laptop can cause poor performance and overheat. Only a few minutes of work can make your laptop brand new again.

It is not an expensive task to make your laptop new again. You require only a few things. They are rubbing alcohol, microfiber cloth, and a cotton swab.

Everyone wants their laptop to be cleaned outside, but a deep inner cleaning is also necessary. Because dust, grime, and crumbs can block your laptop vents and fans.

The procedure is not too difficult. First of all, take your laptop to a dust-free space, use compressed air and start working. You will have a shining laptop in only a few minutes.

Buy a pair of Cooling pads:

If you are looking for ways to keep your machine cool, cooling pads can be the best option. Now, you may be wondering how cooling pads work? Are they worth buying?

Insufficient cooling, Heat-Emitting components, Dust buildup, Poor ventilation, and poor locations are some aspects that increase laptop temperature.

How can you reduce this temperature?

Cooling pads can help you to solve this problem. They have the same function in laptops as cooling fans in CPUs. These pads can reduce your laptop’s temperature to a few degrees, making it easier to use.

The average decrease in temperature by a cooling fan is 14 degrees. A cooling pad is a desk where you place your laptop when it heats up. The cooling pad then helps you regulate your laptop temperature by flowing air through it.

Check your laptop settings:

The change of setting depends upon the model of the device you are using. You can change settings according to your laptop, so it doesn’t overheat quickly.

You have to research the specific laptop model you have. If you’re a consumer of heavy-media volume, it’s ok to accumulate some heat. But if you are a low-volume user, the problem can be serious.

Check your laptop settings if it can handle heavy graphic loads, especially if you are a gamer or watch movies for hours. Don’t update your laptop unnecessarily. It also causes overheating problems.

Few tips we can give you here,

  • Close extra apps that are consuming battery.
  • Minimize screen brightness.
  • Unclogged USB-powered devices.


A laptop is a vital device for everyone in the 21st century. It gives us a lot of facilities, and it is easy to carry and a travel-friendly gadget.

But always use it with care otherwise you have to face many difficulties. The electric device needs regular maintenance to prevent any issues.

A major problem in all laptops is overheating, mainly caused by vents blockage. You can avoid it by keeping your laptop clean, at the proper place, using a pair of cooling pads, and checking its settings regularly.

You can follow the above-mentioned tips and you’d be able to solve your laptop overheating problems on your own.

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