How to take a Screenshot on my Asus laptop

When it comes to ASUS laptops, one of the most common questions is How to take a Screenshot on my Asus laptop, which isn’t always obvious. Taking a screenshot on some computers is straightforward while taking a screenshot on others might be complex. Do you want to know how to take screenshots on an ASUS laptop but aren’t sure how? Don’t be concerned! You’ve arrived at the right location! It’s a piece of cake. You should be able to snap screenshots quickly and effortlessly after reading this post. A screenshot can be captured in various methods. Each adds to the enjoyment and overall user experience of capturing stuff on a screen in a more integrated manner. You’re probably using windows if you own an Asus laptop, whether it’s a Vivobook or ZenBook. All the answers related to your questions have been discussed here, How to Screenshot on Asus laptop, How to take a Screenshot on my Asus laptop, and How to Screenshot on Asus laptop windows 10. Read the article thoroughly, and after reading this article, you will get to the desired point.

Windows, one of the most popular operating systems to date, is found on nearly every Asus laptop and strives to provide customers with the most excellent tools and programs possible. With PC screen capture, this is not the case.

How to take a Screenshot on my Asus laptop

  • Open the page you want to take a screenshot of on a laptop running Windows.
  • Tap the [PrtSc] button on your keyboard once to capture the screen.
  • Open a photo-editing application like Paint or Gimp.
  • Use the [Ctrl] + V keys on your keyboard to paste the screenshot.
  • Then saved the file at the desire location directory.

Method no 1: Using the “Greenshot Screenshot application.”

Free tools to create screenshots on an ASUS Laptop are, for example, “Greenshot.” This tool has the advantage that it can more easily take screenshots of individual areas in your screen or maybe certainly open windows like a browser, for example. In addition, you can use this tool to edit the screenshots immediately and save them afterwards. Editing functions of these third-party programs often include inserting arrows (to make things more crystal clear), cropping the screenshot, or text editing inside the screenshot, to explain the information more precisely. After editing them, you can easily save the images to your location directory (Hard-drive). Follow these steps to capture the screen in a moment.

Step 1: Press the [PrtSc] + Ctrl buttons on the keyboard simultaneously. It will automatically take the screenshot.

Step 2: Save the Screenshot at the desire location.

Method no 2: Using windows application “snipping tool.”

Any ASUS laptop which has windows OS contains the Snipping Tool. It is a unique capturing capability offered by Windows that may be found in any Windows operating system version. This tool allows you to take a screenshot and will enable you to crop the screenshot to remove any unwanted areas of the captured content. So, if you want to use this handy little software, press the Windows logo key on the keyboard

In the search bar, write “SNIPPING TOOL”. The results will show, and all you have to do now is select the Snipping Tool application. A popup will emerge with various screenshot options, including a Free-Form, Rectangular, Window, or Full-Screen snip, which the traditional PrtSc option for taking screenshots lacks. The snipping tool has a few advantages above a standard screenshot option, including the ability to flip among screenshots, create GIFs, and save to a library. In addition, the Snipping Tool offers a delayed reaction feature that allows you to select an area to snap a screenshot in one to five seconds.

Method no 3: Using “Lightshot and nimbus application and plugin.”

If none of the solutions listed above seems to be working, you can try downloading a plugin. There are a variety of plugins available for the ASUS laptop. You should not just download the most popular one because it may work for various laptop models and brands.

For Asus computers, there are screenshot extensions and plugins such as light shot and nimbus. Which are compatible with Asus laptops’ screenshot technology? You may get these plugins from the Google Chrome Web Store; fortunately, all of them are free, so beginners and students can use any of them.

How to Screenshot on Asus laptop windows 10

You probably don’t want to waste time saving and pasting the screenshot. On newer laptops, you may not even be required to do so. To take a screenshot on Windows 8 or 10, press the PrtSc key and the Windows key simultaneously. This will capture your entire screen as a screenshot. You can find your screenshot by going to the screenshots folder in your documents from here.

The operating system you’re using shouldn’t make much of a difference, though if you’re using another OS, you’ll need to alter it. You’ll probably have to do it a little differently with a Chromebook, but it should be simple.

 This, however, teaches us how to get a full-screen image. You might not want to capture the entire page in a screenshot. The good news is that you can snap a screenshot of just a portion of your screen on an ASUS laptop.

How To Take Screenshot On ASUS Vivobook laptop

The [Ctrl] + [PrtSc] keys on the Vivobook can be used to snap screenshots. It usually takes a snapshot of the screen, which may be put into any image editing software, such as paint. Many people believe that capturing a screenshot on an Asus Vivo book is different from taking a laptop. It isn’t screenshots for the Asus Vivo book that should be taken with the duplicate keys. These two keys are pressed at the same time by PrtSc and Ctrl.


Friends, I hope this post has shown you how to snap screenshots on your Asus laptop or desktop computer. I hope you have gone through the article briefly and remember and applied these easy methods. These instructions that I explained above quickly and understandably should assist you in taking a screenshot on your Asus Laptop or Vivobook. This guide should have shown you how to take a screenshot on an ASUS laptop. It is not difficult to take a screenshot on a laptop, but many individuals want a screenshot not only for the sake of a picture but also to exchange data and save the desire data in seconds correctly. You may need to take screenshots to illustrate the actual graphics or graphs if you have a presentation coming up in a few days. You cannot deny that it is a crucial function for computers and mobile phones. It’s much easier now that Asus has provided you with a variety of options.

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